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Action-centered leadership program by Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet

RGK+Z&A GROUP Management are so proud that the number of people who sign on this leadership upgrade program (ACTION-CENTERED LEADERSHIP) by Prof. Dr Aung Tun Thet.

About 50 persons from Z&A, will renew or learn for improving their Talent Skill. Regarding the training contents, the full command of three main areas such as the Task, the Team and the Individual have been shared to the participants by Prof. Dr Aung Tun Thet.

The Key Purpose of Management and Leadership is to….
- Provide direction, gain commitment, facilitate change and achieve results through the efficient, creative and responsible deployment of people and other resources.

Three core management responsibilities:
- achieving the task
- managing the team or group
- managing individuals

Elements to all leadership situations:
The achievement of a goal or task. This may be the completion of a very practical activity or it may be a less tangible goal. We know that effective groups have clear goals shared by all members. Often the task is what brings the group together in the first place.
The group of people performing the task. It is likely that the task will only be achieved if all members of the group work together to the common good. Therefore, the group itself has to be understood as an entity in its own right.
Each individual member of the group involved in the task. While the group will take on a life of its own, individuals do not lose their own identity. Their needs as people must continue to be met if their allegiance to the group, and their motivation to achieve the task, is to be sustained.

We are looking forward to brighter future for all of our members and families.

Written by : the desk of Group CEO

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